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 We opened our doors in Indonesia in 2004. During this time it was difficult to find the necessary organic produce that we wanted to combine with our own special organic ingredients, in order to create the healthy that we are known for today.

Healthy Choice tries to subtly educate our guest about the philosophy behind our organic product. Our fresh, delicious dishes, created and served at our Healthy Choice restaurant prove that eating organic food doesn't mean sacrificing taste.

Expansion and acceptance of the organic lifestyle is visible at Healthy Choice.

Helpful Healthy Choice staff can provide practical, instructive information that will empower you and your family to being making decisions to lead healthier lives. We can show your bow small changes in your own household will least to an improved quality of life. Begin with small changes, ones that can be built on over time. Start by choosing to buy only organic products.


To raise awareness and educate the general public on the benefits of healthy living, the amazing possibility of enjoying life to the fullest while at the same time preserving our living environment. As the need for organic products continues to rise we will meet these demands by constantly conducting research on market wants, and we will supply our communities with the most up to date and reliable natural organic products.


To be the pioneer within the organic industry in Indonesia and to grow as the leading-most profitable innovator of organic products in Southeast Asia.